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Scourer Wire Drawing Machine
Full automatic mesh scourer flat wire making machine
JX-YT6 Technical Data
Power consumption/ton750kw·h
Mechanical transmission modeSprocket
Control systemFrequency converter + PLC
Gram weight precisionl0.2-0.4g
CutmodeCut up mode
Tail length1-10mm
Machine size/weight(4.05*1.05*1.9m)/1200kg
Materials feeding0.7mm stainless steel wire(include 410, 430 etc), galvanized iron wire

The mesh scourer flat wire making machine manufactured by our factory is mainly powered by a variable frequency speed-regulating motor with a power of 7.5 kilowatts and a power supply of 380 volts. It uses a 0.7mm/0.8mm steel wire to simultaneously perform mechanical pull-up, flattening, and wire drawing. other several processes, direct production molding, cleaning ball machine automatically separates the cleaning ball, while entering four 0.80mm wire, producing about 12 kg of clean balls per hour, one person control 7 machines at the same time. With the function of automatic start and automatic shutdown, the mesh scourer flat wire making machine is the best machine to replace the high-speed wire drawing machine and ordinary cleaning ball machine in the current market.

The mesh scourer flat wire making machine features:
1. Low power consumption, fast speed, the fuselage only 4 meters in length, save a space.
2. Intelligent design,automatic management with ball(scourers)'s sub-standard sizes ,so it can control zero-error precision on the weight of each cleaning ball.
3. The mesh scourer flat wire making machine is operated by single operator in the processing of wire material feeding, forging pressing, planing,stretching, and Computerized Numerical Controlling scourer ball separation, etc. It has strong stability and fine compatibility.

Products Show
Back Gantry.
This is one of the most important factors that ensures the whole machine's performance.Two big pinch rollers, several screws, Two big damping springs, Special outside designs. There are more details contribute to high output&stable operation.
Front Gantry.
6 ubber wheels with a special transmission shaft to ensure the wire turning into balls smoothly and Easy to handle. With electromagnetic control, the balls could be nipped automatically, meanwhile it keeps the same weight and size of each ball.

Details of the Framework.
6 special rubber wheels with a featured transmission shaft ensure our scourer sponge machines' high output. The process of the framwork affects the machines greatly too. The stainless steel anti-magnetic dam-board and the shaft are at the right angles.Scourer Wire Drawing Machine

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